Abouts Us

Mosaic.de is an affiliated company of marmor.de,
which is a family run business for over 120 years

Owing to the long-lasting expertise and reputation of the company,
we have realized numerous projects such as Hotels,
Spas, Pools, Bathrooms all over the world.

With special focus on Europe,
we produce some of the new leading mosaic designs

Our unique selling points can thus be described as follows:
- We produce any of your individual mosaic preferences
- We deliver mosaic of utmost quality
- We offer the very best prices

Some of our past references can be found in our Reference Section

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  • Quote

    The day you send us your quote, we will process your request and subsequently make you an offer.
  • Price Information

    Thereafter, we inform you about bulk prices, shipment costs and delivery times.
  • Order

    The day you order, we will place you in our production slots, arrange special production requests, time the quality checks and start producing your mosaics.
  • Shipment

    The shipment time is subject to various factors, but will usally take a couple of weeks, unless you choose air freight. Since we have been working with the most preferred shipping companies for decades, you will also benefit from that